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Dr. John R. Martínez

Why is Physical Therapy Better with Us?

Most physical therapy clinics have you working with multiple staff personnel; physical therapist, aide, assistant, student, etc. during your convalescence. Our Private Practice teams you up with a Doctor of Physical Therapy only. In fact, it is the same medical professional, Dr. John R. Martínez, PT, DPT, each and every visit. He learns about you and your medical challenge intimately in order to provide treatment that is specific to your individual needs.

What you should expect on your first day.

  • You will be welcomed by Cheryl Martinez who will take care of all the non-medical aspects of your care, e.g. insurance, scheduling, billing, required forms, etc. Cheryl will escort you to a private room.
  • Dr. Martinez will join you soon afterwards and spend some time getting to know you. He will ask detailed questions about the reason you need physical therapy and how you are feeling while dealing with your diagnosis.
  • A comprehensive physical therapy examination will be performed specific to your situation and Dr. Martinez will explain his findings to you in detail. A treatment will be planned together and often initiated immediately with a home exercise program for you to perform later.
  • Dr. Martinez will answer all of your questions and then walk with you back to Cheryl so you can schedule future treatment dates and times.
  • After you leave Therapy Experts, Dr. Martinez will fax a very detailed report to your physician. This report will thoroughly explain everything that was performed during your visit along with his professional medical opinion and a treatment plan that will begin your recovery. A new report will be sent every 4-6 weeks in order for your physician to be kept up to date on your physical therapy treatment and progress.
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Annual Physical Therapy "Check Up"

A comprehensive Physical Therapy assessment performed in order to determine if there are any physical needs for you to address immediately to avoid more serious issues in the future. This "check up" is specific to Physical Therapy and will address such areas as Musculoskeletal, Balance, Posture, Gait, and Functional Deficits.

You will NOT need a referral or prescription from a physician to schedule this assessment.

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  • Sara

    I can only say wonderful things about you [Dr. Martinez] and Cheryl. You are very caring people and I love you dearly. You both deserve a medal [for your expertise and compassion].

  • Susan

    Therapy Experts, John and Cheryl Martinez, play a large part of my live. The therapy (I have Parkinson's Disease) improves my gait and balance enormously, as well as strengthening my other muscles as well. I get an intense workout every time I go, and this keeps me stable. Before I started seeing John, I was often falling, and now I am not falling at all. I feel much stronger overall. My life has been significantly improved by working with Cheryl and John.

  • Doron

    Physical Therapy Experts brings PT to new heights. Calm atmosphere, meticulously detailed treatment rooms, well-equipped gyms (indoor and outdoors), and lovely staff places you in the right mood before your sessions. Then there are the treatments themselves -- carefully scripted and intentionally designed to bring you to your limits each time anew.

  • Wendi

    What a beautiful setting to have physical therapy! Not only were my therapists truly 'Experts', but it was all done in a luxurious environment. The perfect combination. Thank you.

  • Mark

    John Martinez is the ultimate medical professional. He is knowledgeable, savvy, personable, efficient, and fun to work with to boot!

  • Robert

    It is like having therapy in a spa the way it is decorated. They even have massage, exercise, acupuncture, etc. I asked them to put in a swimming pool to complete the program. Who knows, they might just do it!

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