About Us

John R. Martinez, PT, DPT | Australian Physio/Therapy Experts

John and Cheryl Martinez opened this private physical therapy practice in May of 2008, the same year we were married. It is a "Mom & Pop" medical practice with the mission to provide the best physical therapy care for our patients with one-on-one healthcare. We do not use any P.T. Aides or P.T. Assistants because we feel that working with an experienced physical therapist directly achieves higher outcomes. Even further, we believe working with the same physical therapist, each and every visit, offers the best possible care.

We understand that persons experiencing pain and dysfunction require a thorough physical therapy examination, knowledgeable attention to their specific condition, thoughtful insight in formulating their treatment plan, and an active, supportive atmosphere in order to achieve their individual goals. We strive to provide these ideals for all patients.

Australian Physiotherapy.

Australia is recognized as a world leader in manual or manipulative physiotherapy. As such, a few therapists from around the world study physiotherapy using the Australian methods, particularly on a postgraduate basis, to enhance their clinical skills. Dr. Martinez is one of these therapist who studied these world leading methods.

Australian trained physiotherapists are highly skilled in diagnosing, treating and preventing a broad range of health problems, including Musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Manual and/or manipulative therapy is part of the standard PT training in Australian methods.

Manual therapy has proven highly effective for a variety of problems affecting joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves. Manual therapy techniques include passive, active, and accessory joint mobilization and manipulation.

Passive mobilization and a wide range of manipulation techniques are also standard Australian physiotherapy procedures.

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