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Success Stories

" . . . talking about old injuries and what had been done about them. I told them about my rotator cuff [recovery] which this great physical therapist had patiently and skillfully gotten back into good shape. They were listening attentively and when I described where you are located, we all realized that we were of the same mind and spent a good bit of time praising you [Dr. Martinez] and Cheryl to the skies, part of your fan club!"

- A.F.

"I can only say wonderful things about you [Dr. Martinez] and Cheryl. You are very caring people and I love you dearly. You both deserve a medal [for your expertise and compassion]."


"Therapy Experts, John and Cheryl Martinez, play a large part of my live. The therapy (I have Parkinson's Disease) improves my gait and balance enormously, as well as strengthening my other muscles as well. I get an intense workout every time I go, and this keeps me stable. Before I started seeing John, I was often falling, and now I am not falling at all. I feel much stronger overall. And Cheryl's smiling face is always a delight to see. … She is an expert with the insurance companies which saves me much frustration. My life has been significantly improved by working with Cheryl and John."


"Physical Therapy Experts brings PT to new heights. Once you enter the place -- even before you begin your treatment -- you already enjoy a true urban oasis. Calm atmosphere, meticulously- detailed treatment rooms, well-equipped gyms (indoor and outdoors), and lovely staff places you in the right mood before your sessions. Then there are the treatments themselves -- carefully scripted and intentionally designed to bring you to your limits each time anew. A great emphasis is placed on the principle that while only one area (or more) may be affected, it is the body as a whole that has to heal. And finally, and most importantly, the place has a staff of true professionals, therapists who re-define PT. John R. Martínez, the owner, a consummate professional and extremely knowledgeable therapist, provides you with the assurance that he has seen it all before. And my favorite, Julie, a truly amazing therapist with a golden touch, who seems to have boundless resources of energy and patience, pushing you to your limits - always with a smile -- while making sure that you understand, to the very last detail, the processes your body is undergoing. It was such an amazing experience, I was almost sorry I healed so quickly... Doron."

Thanks again for everything,

"... what a beautiful setting to have physical therapy! Not only were my therapists truly 'Experts', but it was all done in a luxurious environment. The perfect combination. Thank you."


"... Dr. John R. Martínez is the ultimate medical professional. He is knowledgeable, savvy, personable, efficient, and fun to work with to boot!"


"... it is like having therapy in a spa the way it is decorated. They even have massage, exercise, acupuncture, etc. I asked them to put in a swimming pool to complete the program. Who knows, they might just do it!"


"Julie proved to be an exceptional physical therapist in every aspect of her work. She was extraordinarily efficient in making every physical therapy session tremendously productive, carefully but energetically pushing my recovery forward. Julie guided me with enthusiasm and clarity, taking it upon herself to ensure that my cure did not just occur within the limited scope of physical therapy sessions, but rather carried forward in the more complex and demanding context of my everyday living. To that end, she provided me with detailed advice, clear instructions, and visual illustrations to empower me for life."

Julie is an outstanding communicator, not only in the articulateness of her speech but also in her own bearing and presence, which convey a positive message that immediately counters the gloom that tends to accompany the persistent physical pain that brings clients to her in the first place."

Paul Kaiser