John R. Martinez, P.T., D.P.T.

Dr. John R. Martínez, P.T., D.P.T.

Dr. John R. Martínez, P.T., D.P.T. is the founder of Physical Therapy Experts and, since 2009, the owner of the Australian Physiotherapy Center here in New York City. He is a past President of both the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) and the American College of Sports Medicine (A.C.S.M.) here in NYC and served on the National Board of Directors of A.C.E. for many years.

Dr. Martínez received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 1988 from Swarthmore College along with his certificate to teach Secondary Education. After a few years as a teacher, a professional tennis instructor, and a medical exercise specialist, Dr. Martínez completed his Bachelor of Science and Master of Physical Therapy degrees from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science in 1997, the highest clinical Physical Therapy degree at that time. So, when the clinical doctorate (similar to a Medical Doctorate, M.D.) became available, he completed his training as a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Temple University in 2011.

Having spent 18 years in Philadelphia, upon completion of his Master of Physical Therapy degree, Dr. Martinez was immediately appointed Manager of “Complete Care: The Complementary Medicine Program” of Fox Chase Cancer Center which he created from its conception. Simultaneously, he directed the Evening and Weekend Outpatient Physical Therapy program at Lankenau Hospital, one of the premier Cardiac Hospitals in the United States. At the end of 2001, Dr. Martínez was Fox Chase’s Director of Cancer Prevention Screening Programs for Philadelphia Corporations and Co-Chairman of Philadelphia’s “Holistic Health Committee” as appointed by Mayor John Street’s administration.

Dr. Martinez came to NYC in early 2002 as the Chief Operator of Plus One Physical Therapy whose expertise was placing medical practices in large corporations. He took over clinics in such corporations as Meryll Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, and Vonage, etc. Additionally, Dr. Martinez established 8 new clinical practices throughout the United States within 3 years in Colorado, Arizona, Florida, California, and Virginia.

After marrying Cheryl Ogreen in 2008, they decided to establish their own medical practice using his clinical skills and her experience as a director of luxury spas and fitness centers in places like Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Salon and the Waldorf=Astoria hotel. Physical Therapy Experts was born and bloomed to three practices in Manhattan within two years when they became the owner of the Australian Physiotherapy Centers here in New York City in late 2009 with his special training in the Maitland Australian Physiotherapy techniques. In addition, Dr. Martinez also brought his knowledge and skills to the classroom teaching Neurology as well as Anatomy & Physiology to local undergraduate students.

Today, Dr. Martinez has focused his attention on his patients, with one practice on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, so he can care for each and every patient, one-on-one, in order to provide the best medical care possible.